How to identify different hands

poker online indonesia

jippyshare.comHow to identify different hands. In the popular game of Poker online indonesia, it is very essential to focus on the type of hand you are having. What is a hand? Well, a hand is nothing but cards if you have good cards that mean you have a strong hand and if you have weak cards that mean you have a weak hand. To begin with, the game each player is given two cards initially, until the end of the game each player will have 5 community cards and during their play, they will have to make correct choices just to have the strongest cards in hand at the end of the game. You will be placing your typical bet each time of pot movement, pot is another name of the round. The direction of the play is clockwise direction and that is followed throughout the game.

There are mostly four rounds in the game. At any time of the game the player can choose to fold his or her cards, the hands play a huge role in explaining your technique of further play. If you get a weak hand it is best to fold and save your money. If you get a strong card, you can go ahead with the game. There is no limit to placing a bet, you can place your bet as high as you want or you can withdraw from the game, the options are available for your benefits only.

poker online indonesia

If you believe that you have gained enough experience in the game, you can go for bluffing. There are different strategies that are formed to help you in hiding your bluff.

You can bluff with slow play. If you have a weak hand and you don’t want to fold your cards, you can pretend to have the strongest hand. You can hide your bluff with slowly increasing your bet, making the other player believe that you are raising the bet to have more amount in the pot and you are trying to make the best out of the round in the game. Slow play is very important in hiding your bluff and can help you get more than the desired amount of money.

There are many other types of betting style that you can follow which includes medium pace betting and a huge pace betting. It is highly advised to use both the techniques together.